Satu Tuomela

Satu Tuomela

Satu is specialised in Dynamic Flow Yoga, and loves to spice things up by mixing elements from pilates and dance. She has been teaching for about 10 years and with an extremely curious mind, she constantly educates herself with different kind of interesting workshops and studying. The most important thing for her is to teach from her own practice, honestly and straight from her heart.

My own teaching style has developed during the years, and now I feel that I have found my path, my voice as a teacher and this moment. For me it means that I read the energies of my each individual student and I trust my intuition that brings us the exact practice we need at this current moment. Not too much planning and following the plan, but more courage to teach with an enourmous, receptive heart. Turn Fear into Love.

While teaching I emphasize anatomically correct alignments in asanas, the importance of core support and concentration on your own unique and honest practice, without forgetting having fun simultaneously! I try to motivate my students to find their own practice on and off the mat with a smile on my lips and eyes! I mix my given ingredients with all the other given ingredients, sun, rain, the students, energy in the room, music, and the universe to co-create an experience of authenticity.


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